Buying a Rural Property

Living in the Country - What You Should Know

There are many aspects to living in the Country, and finding a piece of property to Buy is just the start. Here are a few practical articles to help you get started.

Please take advantage of the resources on this Section of our Website to learn about the Process of buying a rural property with acreage. We are partnering with Northwest Farm Credit Services to help you in your journey . If this is your First Rodeo, you will be glad you read the information found here!

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A Land Buyer's Checklist

This article is a practical step by step checklist of important considerations when evaluating a purchase of a rural property. Doing your homework ahead will help things from going Haywire down the road. 


Financing Agriculture - Choosing a Lender


How do you know who to choose for a lender when it comes to agricultural properties? Is the Lender knowlegable about the industry? Do they have a variety of loan services?

Tax Considerations When Purchasing Rural Property

Ag Land Status Qualifications

Consider if this is to be a Business or a Hobby Farm property. Check the requirements for qualifying as Ag Land for tax purposes. Some additional considerations are Agriculture Tax Status vs Standard Property Tax Status.

Please reach out to us for a Personal and Professional introduction to Montana. As native Montanans, we are intimately acquainted with our State and well versed in County and State regulations with excellent resources available to help guide your decisions. 406-510-1727